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Embedded Capital Allowances can apply to many sectors including retail

What are Capital Allowances?

Capital Allowances are a tax relief designed to incentivise business owners like you to improve their commercial properties. They have been around for decades and are a well-recognised part of the UK tax landscape. They are allowances that provide relief to tax for expenditure incurred improving a commercial property.

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What businesses can benefit?

They are valuable for any business or individual who owns property in the UK that is paying (or will soon pay) tax on profit. Relevant businesses and property types include

Regardless of your sector, it is always worth enquiring whether you mat have a claim for Embedded Capital Allowances.

What can I claim for?

Any item of expenditure which has an “enduring benefit” to the business can qualify for relief. From Gazebos to Garden Equipment to Grab Rails, you will be surprised at what can qualify for relief.

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How does a claim work?

Once you have enquired we will arrange a time to call to understand some basic facts about your business and property.  When it is clear a successful claim is possible we will confirm a date and time for a surveyor to visit.  It may be possible to undertake a remote survey.  Either way, the surveyor will record or estimate all qualifying items and send the details to a specialist accountant.  They will write a report, and send it to your accountant who will make the necessary adjustments to your past tax returns or accounts or arrange for future reliefs to be used.  The process takes 8-12 weeks and we only charge on success.

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