Capital Allowance Claims for Hotels and Guest Houses

2020 will not go down in history as a good year for hospitality.  A drop in occupancy is bad.  A new requirement to make your premises "COVID secure" means money needed for investment at the worst possible time.  That's why it is vital that you make use of all the reliefs, allowances and refunds available to you now.  Within the fixtures and fittings of your property, there are capital allowances waiting to make or save you money...

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Capital Allowance Claims for Pubs and Bars

If you're in the pub trade in 2020 then you're probably having a terrible time.  The last recession may have hit profits a little but the COVID crisis is something altogether different.  In 2008 you didn't have to shut your doors one day and then get told you couldn't open them the next.  Now you know when normality MIGHT resume it is vital that you make the most of the reliefs, refunds and allowances available to you as a commercial property owner.  One you may not have heard of is a Capital Allowance....

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Care Homes we salute you. Now let us help you.

If you own or run Care Homes in 2020 you deserve a medal. You don't need us to remind you how hard it's been.  You know all about that.  You may not know that there is a glimmer of good news.  Did you know that all the kit, fixtures, and fittings that you and your staff have been using so ably could contain Capital Allowances which could get you a tax refund, relief, or saving?...

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